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Composers/Writers: Jamaal Miller/ Robin P Vincent-Noel /Claudette Peters/Cherrod Lewis
Background Vocals: Jahsan Hughes, Robin P Vincent-Noel
Live Horn Arrangements: Cherrod Lewis
Live Horns: Malvern Gumbs/Urbane Chinnery
Live Guitar: Cherrod Lewis
Mixed by: Cherrod Lewis
Mastered by: Cherrod Lewis

Carnival. Freedom. Liberta. The simplest forms of expression contribute to our state of mind, our physical being, and exemplifies what freedom means to many. Seven Flags Creative Group and CL Productions creates their version of “freedom” that may bring about a nostalgic feeling for some, and a new experience for others. The Liberta riddim gives you that feel of chipping through the town of St. Johns, Antigua in the late 80’s or early 90’s; evoking a multitude of emotions and commemoration of a carnival long ago.

Antigua Kipman Association PRO Dennis “Menace “Roberts kicks things off as any Kipman would, in a fete with someone he shouldn’t be seen with, all while trying to keep it under wraps. “TANYA” may be the one to blame for this debauchery but with a name like Menace “is trouble yuh looking”, right?

“WHEN LAST” you had a real good time? Close out the social media apps; you’ve taken enough selfies for the day. A request from the Soca Diva herself, Claudette Peters, reminding us of how sweet a fete used to be and urging all partygoers to come out, socialize, and make the party nice again!

That young lady that no one ever sees out, the, she’s the one that’s stage front having the time of her life. Tian Winter told her put on her best shoes, a sexy little style and just ‘LET LOOSE”. No need to judge her, just free up and do the same.

They say two is company and three is a crowd, but Kimmy informs us that there’s always room for one more, so don’t leave any one behind “COME TOGETHER” and let’s go!

When the vibes go from zero to one hundred and no one wants to go home, that’s how you know the party shot. Ricardo Drue brings us “Back to Basics”, flowing with energy to make us feel really nice.

Carnival gives us that opportunity recreate freedom every year. Have you created your freedom, your Liberta?

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