Khadijah Simon & Bruce Skerritt – Larry’s Lament

Published on June 2, 2021 by

Larry’s Lament is the third product of the collaboration between Khadijah Simon and Bruce Skerritt. I met Lawrence (Larry) at a band rehearsal last November but we didn’t start talking regularly until January 2021. Our eagerness to learn and improve musically brought us closer fairly quickly and we began to talk every day. He would send me ideas that he came up with and I would send mine, too. Towards the end of January, I introduced him to Uncle Bruce and they hit it off. The connection that formed between the three of us was almost uncanny. In early February, I got the idea to write a song for Larry. I came up with the first couple changes and then I called Uncle Bruce to let him hear. In 20 minutes, the song was finished and it was recording time! After putting down the basic tracks, I sent them over to Uncle Bruce and he worked his magic (or obeah…what’s the difference?) on them. We were also fortunate to have Andrew Stewart playing bass on this track.

Larry, this one’s for you!

Larry’s Lament
•Photography, Keyboard and Drum Programming: Khadijah Simon
•Keyboards, Audio, Video and Photo Editing: Bruce Skerritt
•Andrew Stewart: Bass

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