Asher Otto – Come For Me

Published on May 3, 2016 by

Hi guys!! Here’s the first single from my self titled debut album! Come for me. Thank you so much for watching, hope you like it!
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Directed and Edited by Lawson Lewis
Producer: Paddy Prendergast for Asher Otto Entertainment Ltd.
Anderson Andrew
Kevin GK Fredrick
Jay Rainey, Jack Rainey.
Drone Footage: Kelvin Christopher
Camera Assistants:
Jamaine Semple
Anderson Edgehill
Alicia Ward
Playback: Eddi Prendergast
Music Production: Kimdale Mackellar, Torsten Stenzel, Jack
Lighting: Jack Prendergast

Many thanks to:
Dr. Howell
Sarah & Tony Bolton
Asher’s wardrobe: Tameka Jarvis-George
Sterlings Jewelers
Bert Kirchner
Rayburn Generator Services; Alex Rayburn, Teddy Lewis
Townhouse Megastore
Lava Entertainment International; Martin Mansoor, King.
Melinda Fletcher
Tavia Hunte and the Shiva Dance Group
Danijha Simon and Vega Armstrong
Zahra Airhall and the Antigua Girls High School
Eutha Meade and the Vitas Mas Troupe
Daniel Charles and the Stilt Walkers
Johnny Tookay
Justin Nation
Ray Stewart
Okeane Tyrell
Kirkland Richards
Tukanda Telemanque
Clem Telemanque
Naydene Gonnella
Danya Gonnella
Paul Bennett and Lynton Gore
Tony Meyers and Garfield ‘Puff’ Whaul
Itchyfeet Band, Past & Present
Antigua & Barbuda Airport Authority; Edward Gilkes, Marcia Lake
Qi Xuanya, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation
Bernadette Sherman & The Big Banana Restaurant Group
All the Airport Red Caps
SDS Security Services

All of our friends who acted as passengers until the early hours!


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