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Written and Produced By: Biigdog

Artist Instagram @zenbiigdog
Beats Instagram @BiigdogMadeIt



Even if the rain don’t fall anymore,
And your life seems way much more than before,
In the back of your mind memories endure,
And since you can’t ignore,
You search for the cure,

(Repeat Hook Twice)

Verse 1

Turquoise is your favorite,
Solar flares what you bathe with,
Every dance floor you blaze it,
Soul work you amazed with,

Loose cannons when we link,
Got me buzzing I don’t drink,
Holy water have a drink,
You a goddess what you think,

Save it for the bedroom nuh baby girl yuh too freaky,
Leff some back for later nuh baby girl you too greedy,
You know a joke man a mek,
Yo a work fe put een till you soak inna sweat,
Like a de last time bad Gyal put e dung so me nah go forget,

Verse 2

Weeping willow,
She say I’m her hero,
I could get you silhouette wet my gyal and,
I go give it to you don’t fret my Gyal,

Chocolate Pillow,
Drop it down low sub Zero,
Biigdog you could be the vet my girl and,
We could do it til the sun set my girl and,

when we make time we could meet you and me,
Find places that we can agree,
Something on your mind weighing Heavily,
And it’s turning you on like wind energy,

you got the vibe you got the flavor,
The night is yours come alive,
Your middle name should be danger,
We crash and burn and we revive,


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