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Official HD Video for Django’s Funk from “Mia”, released April 2015.

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Welcome to the Swunk Saloon where Jeeves is handing juice around to anyone who likes to frown it seems to turn their worries upside down except the clown, he’s long past saving. Major Minor’s tuning up the Flat Crew, I think they’re meant to sing a syncopated story especially for Cinderella and her second favourite friend, I can’t be sure. Bloody Mary’s swinging, playing tricks on all the seasick sailors on their knees around her, begging, pleading for a piece of what she’s got. Dr Strangelove’s counting up the hearts the Joker stole while Cincinnati Kid was busy looking into Alice’s soul, he’s not as old as he pretends to be, you know.

Although for now everyone is still, they’re waiting for a stranger’s will, and The Conductor is never late, she’s just the only one who knows the way to animate their fate…

Anna Kichenside, Samantha Cran, Andy Hart, Ana Carlotta, Fabio Mestriner, Will and Lizard Niekirk, Daniel Colascione, Cami Bluh-Derricotte, Ann S Moors, David and Margaret Banger, Javier Horacio Garcia Bernal, Skylar Kergil, Harriet Chandler, Bruno Bandini, Catriona Darroch, Sophia Marks, Toni Moran, Emma Calascione, 16thBeta

Walk in frozen room
Dim lights, cheap perfume
Everybody’s fate
Frame by frame begins to animate

Sit down, conversate
Quick now, you know you’re late
Jeeves hands you a glass
Points up stairs to the eyes in a white mask

You don’t know his name
Shake his hand all the same
He introduces you
To Major Minor and the Flat Crew

Just when he’s got you keen
That Bloody Mary screams
She takes off all her clothes
Swinging from the ceiling on a great green garden hose

You stand there going blind
Look down from where you’ve climbed
Everybody stops and…


Tudo é refrão
A morte e a vida
A noite e o dia
O céu e o chão

Do mar e do mundo
Da mente ou da alma
Da percepção

Devendo, cobrando
Tirando, roubando
Com fome ou sem pão

Sou pelo Não
Já disse, sou contra
A revolução
Da ocasião
Tudo é refrão

Out on the balcony
Dr Strangelove deals for three
Vanishes into the night like…

And so the game begins
I bet my life (“All-in”)
Cincinnati shows his hand and…

Cinderella smiles
Declares (“I’m not a child!”)
Then runs under your legs to…

Alice’s bunny laughs at
The Major’s best giraffe till
Cinderella yells and tells him…



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