Sound Citizens – The Phoenix Of Marsh Vegas (Official Video)

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“The Phoenix Of Marsh Vegas” is the second music video from our latest album “Swunk”. Enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments!! Lyrics below.

Anna Kichenside, Samantha Cran, Renato Shimmi, Andy Hart, Ana Carlotta, Fabio Mestriner, Kaline Kennard, Will and Lizard Niekirk, Daniel Colascione, Cami Bluh-Derricotte, Ann S Moors, Gussy Bidwell, Isobel How, David and Margaret Banger, Ruth, Skylar Kergil, Harriet Chandler, Bruno Bandini, Elena Berkova, Catriona Darroch, Sophia Marks, Toni Moran, Emma Calascione, 16thBeta

What’s your middle name?
Let’s play the mirror game
We’re gonna meet Suzanne in the alleyway

Find your feeling here at dawn

She’ll let you win again
Like all the other men
And drag it out to prove that she’s genuine

Find your feeling…

I can’t forget the day
I tried to make her stay
No looking back when she ran away

Find your feeling here at dawn

What’s that you’re saying babe?
This ain’t the time to fade
You can’t leave me here with the renegades

Find your feeling…

Drop dead, what do I care
We jamming to the Swunk anthem
Can’t stop, hands in the air
But you were never gonna catch them
Jump up, don’t let me down
I’ll make a deal with your conscience
Don’t hide, hear the new sound
The Swunk is coming with a vengeance

Rewind, do it again
I bet they’d let you if you asked them
Drop dead, what do I care
We jamming to the swunk anthem

It’s never enough!

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