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Have you ever felt that anxious, boiling, uncontrollable feeling in your body? That urge to take part in revelry ? Well, that’s the feeling of Playing Mas, Monday and Tuesday on the Road, behind a truck, with good friends and a bottle of rum….THAT is the extraordinary feeling of Carnival

NOW have you ever been enjoying yourself and someone tries to take that away from you, to spoil your fun by telling you how you should party, how you should fete, how you should live your life…tell them this one thing…
brand new

Executive Producer: Kharma13
Artiste: Young Lyrics
Song : Hush Yuh Mouth
Produced by: Willo Beats
Mixed/Mastered by: Cherrod Lewis for CL productions
Written by: Young Lyrics , Len Henry, Karim Harrigan (Kharma13)
Background vocals: Peter ‘WiLDFiRE’ Noel , Herbert Joseph, Karim Harrigan, Young Lyrics
Recorded at : Masterpiece Studios


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